As we approach February 14th, the question on everyone’s minds is how they’ll be spending Valentine’s Day, a holiday enjoyed by few and suffered through by many. If you see the date more as Singles Awareness Day, subjecting you to loving couples everywhere and excessive PDA, gather your single friends and join us for our Anti-Valentine’s Day LOVE BITES PARTY at the bar!  It will be a safe (and fun!) space for those of us fed up with the forced romantic holiday. We’ll have a playlist full of everything BUT love songs, and drink specials including: Love on the Rocks, The Black Heart, and Shot Through the Heart (bartender’s choice of a mixed shot). There will also be a special menu from the kitchen, which will include: a “Don’t Take It Personal” pan pizza; “Fries Before Guys” with cheddar broccoli queso and chili relish; and “Love Bites” jalapeno croquettes.  Specials will be available both at the bar and in the dining room, along with our regular a la carte menu. Click below if you’re interested in reserving a table in the dining room.