• Happy Hour tour time with our friends at @statesidevodka #allmyfriends #madeinphilly
  • That was not fun shoveling all that ice ❄️ Party Starts at noon!! Big thanks to Conner! #allmyfriends #snowday #openinphl
  • OPENING AT NooN TOMORROW!! Did you hear that its going to SN❄️W tonight?!?!? We have not had a chance this year to throw an old school P&K Snow Day Party yet.  It being March.. this might be the last one of the WINTER.  SO GET HERE and enjoy #daydrinking on a Tuesday at P&K.  @foobooz @eater_philly @phillyinsider @phillymayor #🍔@ryangosling129 @galvano @crepesforbreakfast - #openinphl #snowinphilly #daydrinkinginphilly 📸= @jamesnarog
  • We are currently looking for hard working and reliable FULL TIME Servers. The right person for the job must be detail oriented, able to move quickly, and have a great work ethic.
Other Qualifications:
-2 yr serving experience -food + beverage knowledge
-ability to excel in a fast paced environment
-master at multitasking
-ability to work as a team with fellow servers in greeting, seating, bussing and running food
-an upbeat, positive attitude
-a love for LCD SOUNDSYSTEM is a plus but not required
email your resume to Jobs@thePubandKitchen.com or stop in and say hi //
Stay Awesome #allmyfriends
  • #wallpaper #fixerupper
  • . @bonniebonsall getting P&K all dressed up for the @phsgardening FLOWER SHOW
  • Chefs doing Chefs things.. @blaz_er_14 @izzyguerriero @babyk201 @julie_anne1121 @emilyslloyd @kickstand_creamery @terryyyyyy_zhang #awesomechefs
  • ☀️Happy Hour starts at 4:00!! Who's in?
  • BRUNCH! ☀️
  • 😎The tables are out on the sidewalk! Join us for a 🍹 or 🍹🍹 & enjoy the 🌞🌞🌞#daydrinking #publife #newfashioned
  • Sometimes a classic Old Fashioned is all you really need.  #publife #brownbrooze #delicious
  • #pabbit❤️
  • Johnny Carson
said it best “Happiness is having a rare steak, a bottle of whisky, and a dog to eat the rare steak.” 🥃🍖🐶
  • #daydrinking Whiskey Class with @jimbeamofficial
  • #repost Great Photo 📸= @courtney_apple
  • #happyhour 🍔🥃🍷🍺🧀😍
  • We ❤️ Sundays Too!! #repost 📸@laurenwooley
  • 🏈GAME TIME DELIVERY🏈 New Menu items hit @trycaviarphilly this weekend. 🥘🍔🧀🥙🌈⭐️#delivery 🚲🛴🚜🛵🚁🚀🛥🛰
  • #dinnertime🍴
  • 🌧<🌞
  • Restaurant Week Industry Relief is BACK and this time it might be the best ever. 
11:00 PM till Close every night till the end of Restaurant Week !!!😎 $6 Old Fashioned
$6 Moscow Mule
$20 Bottles of Wine
$4 P&K Pilsner
  • #restaurantweek #🐟
  • Sometimes all you want is Steak & Potatoes #publife
  • That time of the day #HappyHour #newfashioned
  • Get your brunch on!! 😋
  • Parker House Rolls right of the oven.